About Us

About Us

Transicoil is the result of the merger of three outstanding companies that for the past 70 years have been leaders in their respective Actuation, Motion Control and LCD industries. The companies have a well-deserved reputation for offering the utmost in customer service, technological advances and responsiveness.

The new Transicoil has the novel ability to supply standard and custom products, as well as be innovative with new products for specific uses, in demanding applications around the world.

Transicoil components and assemblies are used worldwide in vital aerospace, defense, commercial and medical applications where high quality, reliability, precise control and value are essential.

Aerospace Display Systems (ADS) has been a leader in the development and manufacture of liquid crystal displays (LCD’s) and liquid crystal display modules (LCDM’s) that can include housings, drive electronics, backlighting and other features. ADS also is known for its clocks and chronometers used in aviation and aerospace applications, along with other products and assemblies for use in military, commercial and business avionics instruments and equipment.

CEF Industries has been a leader in electromechanical actuation for more than 65 years and has a rich history in aerospace utility and secondary flight control trim actuation applications; as well as cargo handling system applications.

Together… our customers are now able to turn to one company for linear and rotating electro-mechanic actuators and components, precision motion controls, instrumentation, transducers, as well as LCD’s, indicators, clocks and more. We are building on the strengths of three well-established companies to develop more products and address more customer needs than could have done individually.



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