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Astrotech LC-90

The Astrotech models LC-90 SR and LC-90 chronometers are designed for air transport use. Both chronometers incorporate ARINC 429 communications for interconnections to other systems in the aircraft. The LC-90 SR is capable of send and receive intercommunication such as a GPS receiver.

The layout and design of these models make them economical and reliable choices for OEM and retrofit installations with ease of maintenance. The solid state modular construction is resistant to dirt, vibration and the wear of mechanical clocks. A single user-friendly "push to set" knob easily sets the desired time or date.

Features LC-90 SR

GPS compatibility with ARINC 429
Plus all features of the Astrotech LC-90

 Features LC-90

Liquid Crystal Display with dual numeric readout
Sweep and second hand
ARINC 429 bus sends date & time
Date in DDMMYY format
Elapsed time
Universal Coordinated Time (UTC)

Developed by Schubert Communications, Inc.

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