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Commercial Modules

High reliability, excellent sunlight readability and lighting requirement compliance make Transicoil modules an ideal choice for equipment in commercial, regional and business aircraft. LED, incandescent and fluorescent backlighting can be utilized in any custom format.

Typical Environmental Conformance to RTCA DO-160

per RTCA DO-160C

Test Section
Magnet. Effect Sect. 15
Power Input Sect. 16
Voltage Spike Sect. 17
AF Cond. Susceptibility Sect. 18
Induced Sig. Susceptibility Sect. 19
RF Susceptibility (R&S) Sect. 20
Emmis. RF Energy Sect. 21
Temp. Altitude Sect. 4
Temp. Var. Sect. 5
Humidity Sect. 6
Shock / Crash Safe Sect. 7
Vibration Sect. 8

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