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Control Electronics

Turn to Transicoil for integral and external control electronics and drives – ideal for prototyping and design as well as economical, reliable production units.

SE10E Drive Electronics

  • Easy-to-use two-wire design
  • 10 to 48 V DC, 8 amp continuous, 10 amp with cooling
  • Open- and closed-loop speed control with analog input option
  • Dynamic braking, forward and reverse, and dial-in speed control
  • Power and fault indicators with over-current protection
  • Precise speed control based on full two-quadrant drive design
  • Onboard user-selectable maximum speed control to 100,000 rpm
  • PWM frequency - 24Khz
  • Max heatsink temperature – 80 °C

TEC5010 Drive Electronics

  • 12-50 V DC, 5 amp continuous, 10 amp with cooling
  • Over-current, over-temperature, and under-voltage protection
  • Precise speed control based on a two-quadrant drive design using voltage mode or constant velocity mode
  • High value, low cost, high efficiency
  • PWM frequency – 15 Khz
  • Max heatsink temperature – 80 °C
  • Can be customized for current limits, fixed speeds, and “soft start”

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