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Panels and Bezels

Integrated Keyboard Panels

  • Standard or NVIS lighting using electroluminescent, incandescent or LED sources

  • Sunlight readable incandescent or LED annunciators

  • Highly reliable sealed switches and rotary controls

  • Military and DO-160 environmental compatibility

  • NBC environmental compatibility

  • RAD-HARD to nuclear effects of TREE (transient radiation effects on electronics) & EMP


Transicoil is a global leader in illuminated human interface panels, SRU (Subassembly Repairable Unit) keyboards and LRU (Line Replacement Unit) assemblies for commercial aircraft as well as military ground, aircraft and naval applications. We are proud to be an industry leader and trusted supplier to the world’s premier civil and military manufacturers. Our design capability can support the most demanding and complex shapes, finishes and data interface requirements including the integration of LED and LCD displays.


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